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We "Almost" Made it to Beverly Hills

Thursday, May 18, 2023

So last week I was in Los Angeles for a two day hypnosis seminar.

My wife and I stayed a few extra days to visit Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Beach and Universal Studios.

Now, the very first day we were in LA we decided to visit Beverly Hills, this was our first time there. So of course we had no idea where to go, first lesson, always plan ahead so you know what to expect. When we arrived, we found a place to eat breakfast and a parking lot for our car.

After breakfast, we decided to go exploring. We started walking down the street and BAM! We found the famous Beverly Hills sign. We were so excited so we began taking photos.

We walked around the park for a while and saw some nice statues, after that we went back to the shopping area, where we spent most of the afternoon.

Now the interesting part, we spent the day on Beverly Dr which was incredible. We had a few drinks at The Gardens Building which was a nice outdoor garden area between a few really nice hotels.

As we were heading home we turned onto Rodeo Dr. As nice as Beverly Dr was, Rodeo Dr was “the real Beverly Hills.”

It would be the same as if someone spent the day shopping on 6th Ave instead of 5th Ave in Manhattan.

My initial thought was “We missed it, we missed the true Beverly Hills experience.”

This upset my wife because she perceived it as a limiting thought. She said, “Why don’t you say ‘We almost made it.’ instead”

We began discussing the power of words.

The internal dialogue I have with myself either empowers me to have a better future or keeps me stuck in the same patterns of life.

I may say I want a better life, but where is the proof that I am working towards a better life?

We ended the conversation both agreeing to say “We are coming back!”

Two days later we had dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. We made it back! It only took two days. But I know in my heart that if we never believed we were going back, if we never had that conversation, we would have probably left California, never spending time on Rodeo Dr.

At the seminar we attended, I learned a tremendous amount about self talk.

During a hypnosis trance, your conscious mind goes away for a moment and the person hypnotizing you has the ability to implant thoughts directly into your subconscious mind.

So instead of using will power to force yourself to go to the gym or eat healthy, it’s that internal voice that says “I want to have energy, or I’m the type of person who likes eat healthy and exercise.”

Hypnosis is not a magic pill, but it is sort of a cheat code in life.

Yes, I believe hypnosis works, but the most powerful form of hypnosis is self hypnosis. Because even if you do get hypnotized to lose weight or stop smoking, the problem is that when you go back to your regular life it’s that little voice inside of your head that may eventually come back and hypnotize you to go back to your original self.

We had an incredible time, here are some more photos we took on the trip.

So, let me ask you, have you ever told yourself you wanted to achieve something to then later on see it become true?

What are some areas of your life that you are limiting yourself? Write back, I would love to hear from you.

Let’s talk soon.

The Sarmiento Sales Team

Andy, Damaris & Walter Sarmiento

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