My First Walk In Client

Monday, January 22, 2024

My First Walk In Clients

A walk in client is someone that "walks into" your real estate office. One of my very first “Walk-ins” was an elderly couple, my friend Jeff who is a loan officer just happened to be in my office that day.

They walked in and said they wanted to buy a home! Great I thought, since Jeff was there, they sat down and spoke with him. Ten minutes later, Jeff printed out a pre-approval letter for $700,000 for a single-family home, and told me, "They can buy any home they want."

Back in 2008, the average single-family home in the Bronx was selling for $350,000 and the incredibly nice homes were selling for $550,000.

At $700,000 they could pretty much buy any home they wanted.

So of course I got excited, I asked them a few questions and I told them we could show them homes right away. Fifteen minutes later I had scheduled four home to see that same afternoon.

We were off!

After showing them four of the nicest homes in the Bronx, they thanked me and said they wanted a day to think over what they wanted to do next. I said no problem! I will call them the next day.

I called the next day and… no response.

I kept calling for a few days before I realized they were not going to respond.
This really bothered me.  How could they come into my office, see four amazing homes, then “ghost” me.

I waited about two months before I tried calling again. When I did, the wife picked up. I just wanted to know what happened.  What went wrong?

She told me, “We weren’t ready to buy a home.”

I realized it must have been enormous pressure to go from getting pre-approved to making an offer all in one day.

Since then I have learned how to slow things down with certain buyers and speed things up with others.

I now try to understand where in the home search process each buyer is currently in.

“Most buyers are in one of three stages when buying a home, they are either just starting their search, are actively searching, or know exactly what they want, and are ready to make an offer if they see the perfect home.”

In my Free Home Buying Course, I go through all three phases of buying a home, step by step. Giving people the right information they need to feel comfortable moving to the next step.

So let me ask you, what phase of the home-buying process are you in right now? Are you just starting and need to get more information to feel comfortable? Are you actively searching? Or are you ready to make an offer if you see the perfect home?

No matter where in the process you are, and no matter how long you are taking, having the right information is important in helping you move forward. Even if you think you are years away from buying a home, learning about the process gives you the confidence to keep moving forward!

You can access my free “Home Buying Course” by clicking the link down below.

Hope you see you there!


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