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Getting Ready for the Holidays

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

2022 Office Pie Party Group Photo

Getting Ready for the Holidays

     This year is by far the most exciting of them all. With a new baby to enjoy and share moments with, our family has never been so excited for the Holidays.

     All this excitement does come with tons of headaches, planning and shopping. We can no longer show up to Thanksgiving dinner with a bottle of wine and pumpkin pie! For those of you that know me, you know I hate shopping, planning is my worst enemy and well, no one really likes headaches!

      As a new mom attempting to get back into the swing of my first passion, real estate, has been extremely challenging. Between answering calls, responding to new, past and prospective clients and being at Arya’s beck and call, I'm lucky if I can have a cup of coffee before noon.

     By no means am I complaining, I am extremely grateful to be able to stay home to take care of Arya, so many moms can’t. I am also super grateful for all our beautiful clients who have become family over the years. You have embraced my brothers and I like your own and showered our family with gifts and well wishes when Arya arrived.

     And with all the changes, being a mom has made me a better real estate agent. It has taught me to prepare for the worse case scenario. To expect the unexpected. To plan way ahead of time!!! And most importantly to appreciate that everyone is on their own journey. That some days are much harder than others. That it is my job to find where my client is on their journey, whether its a good day or not, and help them make the best choices.

     Below you’ll see some pics of us with our clients that were able to stop by our Pie event! We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and we are always here for your real estate needs.

Let's talk soon. Damaris

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