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​     With nearly 500 homes sold since 2007, our real estate track record speaks volumes about the dedication, expertise, and success in helping our clients achieve their real estate goals.  Through market insights, personalized strategies, and unwavering commitment, We've consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients, earning their trust and loyalty along the way.

     Take a look at all the homes we have sold over the past three years.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. How long does it take to sell a home?

This is really a case by case basis.  However in our market here is a breakdown of the normal time frames.

  • Properly Priced Homes: Because we are still in a seller's market.  We are still seeing correctly priced home go into contract in two weeks or less.
  • Over Priced Homes: Homes that are prices too high tend to sit on the market for months, until they are priced correctly
  • Once a Home Goes Into Contract: The normal sales contract gives the buyer 30-45 days to get a commitment letter and 60 days to get a clear to close.  
  • On or About Close Dates:  Unlike some other markets, we have "soft" close dates here in Westchester and The Bronx. This means that the close date is an estimated date or an "on or about" date.  In other markets once the closing date on the contract has passed, the contract is canceled immediately.  

2. What is the average sales price to listing price?

The "average" list price to sales price ratio in Westchester and Bronx County NY has been 100.25%* for the past six months.  This is because we are still in a seller's market.  

For the Sarmiento Team the average sale to list price ratio has been 102.80%* during the same time frame.  The main reason that we are averaging a higher ratio is because our in depth knowledge of the real estate market  allows us to provide more accurate home pricing advice.  With more accurate pricing, we are able to maximize exposure and sell our listings for more money.  

​*Data search on Onekey MLS for single family homes in Westchester and Bronx County NY for the past 180 days beginning on June 4, 2024.

3. What marketing strategies do you use to sell homes?

We utilized a comprehensive marketing strategy that included professional photography, virtual tours, drone photography, floor plans, social media promotion, online listings, paid advertising, postcards, brochures, open houses, and targeted advertising to attract potential buyers.

​To learn more about our complete marketing strategy please visit Our Marketing Strategies page.

4. Does staging a home have an affect on the value?

Absolutely!  Some buyers are move visual than others, and statics show home buyers tend to pay more for a house that is properly staged.  In fact according to a recent study 46% of buyer stated they offered more money on a property because it was staged!  The same study states that 53% of sellers thought their home sold faster because it was staged.

​We put together an entire Home Staging Report which give you valuable information on the importance of staging your home.

5.  What are the steps to selling a home?

There are many stages to selling a home however here is a breakdown of the major phases of selling a property.

  • Pre-Listing: This stage involves all the preparation that comes before you put your home on the market.  This includes interviewing real estate agents, selecting a price, staging your home, researching the home to make sure there are no open permits or violations against the property, collecting the correct paperwork and selecting an attorney that will help you with the sales contract.  This stage also involves inspecting your home to make sure all the major home systems are functioning correctly.  Most home owners want to get top dollar for their home, and this means being able to sell a home in fully functioning condition.
  • Active on the Market: This stage involves actively showing your home.   Scheduling showings, and confirming appointments.  The closer you price your home to it's fair market value the quicker it takes to find a buyer.  Some owner feel more comfortable pricing their home high, in these cases expect longer days on market and your real estate agent asking you to eventually lower the price.
  • From Offer to Closing: Once you find a buyer, there is a process by which they purchase your property, beginning with a home inspection, then signing a sales contract.  Once your property is under contract, you have to give your buyer a set amount of time to have an appraisal be done, be able to get a commitment letter from the bank (normally 30-45 days) and finally schedule a closing (normally 60 days).  


16 Hilltop Dr, North Salem, NY

Sales Price $625,000
Sales Date 7/18/2023

3512 Stony St, Mohegan Lake, NY

Sales Price: $348,000
Sales Date 12/07/2020

3039 Edson Ave, Bronx, NY

Sales Price: $510,000
Sales Date: 02/05/2021

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