Homeowner Tip of The Week: Get You Home Inspected Before Selling

Get a Home Inspection Before Selling Your Home

If you are planning to sell your home, getting a home inspection done before putting it on the market can help you save time and money.

A home inspection can reveal issues with your property that may not be apparent to you.  When the buyer hires a home inspector, their job is to find things wrong with your home.  Home inspections last between one to three hours and create 25+ page reports that go over your entire property.  There is a very high chance that a home inspection will reveal items that need to be repaired or parts of your home that are close to the end of their life expectancy.

How old is your roof?  How old is your boiler?

The challenge that many home owners face is that purchasing a home is very emotional for buyers.  I've even had buyers break down and cry in front of me during the process.

In this heighten state of emotion, issues like water damage, an older roof or heating system can scare a very qualified buyer away.  Now, I am not advising you to replace the roof and boiler before selling your home, what I am advising you is to give your home's factual information to your serious buyer early on in the process.  
This way they are not caught off guard right between making an offer and signing a contract (which is usually when a buyer does a home inspection).

We found the best time to share the details of what can come up during an inspection is after they have given you an offer and before you respond to the offer.  At this point they are excited about purchasing the home, and you have yet to respond to the initial offer.  Here you can give them all the information for your home that would come up during an inspection.

As a courtesy to our clients we have our home inspectors go through homes before we sell them to let us know what a full inspection may find.

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