Becoming a RamseyTrusted Real Estate Pro

Monday, June 03, 2024

Becoming a Ramsey Trusted Real Estate Pro

     Joining RamseyTrusted less than a year ago has been a transformative experience for me. My relationship with RamseyTrusted holds special significance because of what financial independence means to me.

     My financial journey has been one filled with many ups and downs.

     Growing up, I never had a “dream” job. I didn’t want to be a doctor, firefighter, or baseball player. If you had asked 10-year-old Walter what he wanted to be, I would have probably just said, “I want to be rich!” However, I had very little guidance regarding money.

     I went to college mainly because everyone around me was going. And in my early 20s, I found myself in significant credit card debt—about $30,000. One day, after analyzing my multiple credit card accounts, I decided I had enough. I called all my credit card companies and asked them to close my accounts. I shut down everything and resolved to live off what I earned, paying off my credit card balances one at a time.

     I created my financial mess all on my own. No one was there to warned me about the risks of credit cards, but even if they had, I probably would not have listened. My parents gave me the same advice many others receive: go to school and get a good job, but we never discussed money, investing, or buying a home. As a recent college graduate with easy access to credit cards, I can only blame myself for getting into so much debt.

     It took many years, but I eventually paid off all my debts. I saved enough money to buy my first apartment, and now my wife and I own two apartments and are saving for a third.

     When I discovered Dave Ramsey, I began consuming as much of his content as I could. I’ve read two of his books and listen to his podcasts. I’ve always admired how generously Dave shares his knowledge on financial planning.

     As a RamseyTrusted Real Estate Agent, the first thing I did was eliminate my remaining credit card debt, which was around $500 to $1,000. After going through the RamseyTrusted training program, I realized I didn’t need to carry any debt! I had enough money to pay it off, but I must have subconsciously felt comfortable carrying that small amount of debt for years, so I never resolved to just pay it all off!

     The next step was discussing higher savings goals with my wife. We both have good incomes, but we also enjoy going out, having nice meals, and planning vacations. To continue saving for the future, we knew we needed to set aside more money. We are now saving around $1,500 a month, inching closer to buying our third property.

     My financial journey is far from complete. By no means have I “made it” financially. I appreciate how far I’ve come but know I have much further to go.

     The RamseyTrusted Organization has been a great partnership. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from them, and I greatly appreciate what they do for their clients.

     If you want help improving your financial situation, I encourage you to check out RamseyTrusted. Listen to his radio show, pick up one of his books, or watch his YouTube videos. No matter where you are in your financial journey, Dave’s no-nonsense, common-sense advice can help you reach your goals even faster!

     Here is my profile on the RamseyTrusted site.

​​So, where are you in your financial journey? I would love to hear about your progress and plans, so let me know how you are doing and where you plan to go!

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