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How to Be Positive and Happy When Life is Tough

Walter Sarmiento
Apr 2 4 minutes read

How to Be Positive and Happy When Life is Tough

Five ways to stay positive during the quarantine.

It's always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even more so when stress levels are high.  We know staying indoors for the entire day can give anyone more stress.  But you can also use this additional time to take better care of yourself and begin developing self loving habits that will help you beyond the moment we find ourselves.  Here are five ways to maintain a positive mindset during our current crisis.

Diet by Damaris

I started my weightless journey a little over a year ago and have lost over 60 pounds through fasting, eating healthier and drinking tons of water!  I started with little goals around water and made sure to give myself a prize when I hit the goal!  I began drinking 33 ounces of water before having my first cup of coffee in the morning. This allowed me to hit my goal day after day and  make drinking water a daily habit!

If you start eating healthier you will help boost your energy and immune system. Do your best to stay away from processed food and stick to vegetables, fruits and fresh protein. If you are used to canned, processed food and carbohydrates and decide to start eating fresher, start slowly, dropping them off the menu one day at a time until they're gone. 

Exercise by Andy

I know we are all stuck at home, but that doesn't mean you can forget to move around!  There are plenty of exercises that you can still do at home.  It's important for you to take care of your body and getting some much needed exercise is really important.

Meditation by Walter

I have been meditating on and off for the past 10 years.  But the recent coronavirus crisis has really given me more time to practice my meditation.  Meditating can help you focus in everything that you do.  Meditating will help you keep a clear mind.  

If you are a beginner you can  start by sitting in a chair, closing your eyes, setting an alarm for 60 seconds and just focus on your breath.  Do this when you wake up, and right before you go to sleep.  When anything else pops into your mind, just remember, go back to focusing on your breath.  If you do this daily, you can eventually beginning adding more minutes to your daily meditation routine.  

Sleep by Damaris

Sleeping is by far one of favorite things to do 😂! 

Because we can't sleep 24 hours a day, here are a few tips on how to get the best sleep in 6-8 hours! 

Tip #1- Physical exhaustion.  When you lay in bed your energy should be low, high energy will only cause you to toss and turn, so make sure you use up all your energy during the day. 

Tip #2- Turn everything off.  Laying in a room with everything off will help your body and mind come to a point of relaxation and help you fall asleep faster.

Tip#3- Go to bed early. Everyone requires a different amount of sleep, personally I only need to sleep about 6 hours to fully function the next day which means I need to be in bed by 11:30pm. Work backwards from your alarm clock and how many hours you need to sleep and make sure you go to bed on time! 

Learn Something New by Walter

I absolutely love learning.  Being home has given me more free time to read books and take online training classes that I have always wanted to take.
Is there anything you would love to learn?  Maybe a new language, or how to draw, or how to bake a cake?  Take the extra time you have and dedicate an hour or so each day to learn something that you've always wanted to do.

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