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I signed a contract... When can I move in?


You signed a contract...What's next?

Damaris Sarmiento
Dec 30 2 minutes read

In this blog we are reviewing the timeline and process once you have signed a contract! I know it's a very exciting time and we want to make sure that you're aware of all the steps that should follow to guarantee to close on your home as quickly as possible! 

Loan Process

Your loan officer should get a copy of the contract immediately. Once this is received, they will be able to order disclosure and you will have to pay for an appraisal. It will take about 30 days for the bank to review all your documents, get the appraisal back and issue a commitment letter. Commitment letters are promissory notes stating that the bank is agreeing to lend you money for the purchase of your home. These letters usually come with a list of contingencies that you must complete to get a final approval! 

Title Order

Once the loan commitment has been issued, your attorney will then put in a title order. This is a report that will cover the history of ownership on the home and will pull up any liens, violations or judgments on the sellers or property. Most contracts state that title must be delivered clear so it's important that your attorney review the title order and make sure that anything that needs to be addressed is done so immediately. 


Clear to Close

If your financing your purchase the bank will issue a clear to close once their process is completed. This allows all the attorney to schedule a closing. Closings are typically scheduled three days after the loan is cleared! 

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