Congrats on Scheduling Your Open House!  

Now what? Here are my top 10 FSBO  tips on how to have an effective open house.

#1) Schedule the open house immediately after activating your listing.  

Schedule your open house the first weekend the home goes live.  The excitement for your home always the highest the very first week, so take advantage and book your open house right away.  The longer your home will be on the market the less people will show up to your open house.  It’s like waiting for the new iPhone to come out, you’ll get the most amount of people that very first week.

#2) Schedule your Open House the same time other agent schedule their Open House in the Area.

Try and remember when most agents in your neighborhood host open houses, it's most likely a Saturday or Sunday afternoon between 12 pm and 3 pm.  Ideally you would like to run your open house at the same time other agents are running their open houses so you can piggy back off of their work and bring in their buyers.  You know you have done this right if you see other open house signs out while your putting up your signs.  This is great, it means it will be very easy for buyers to go around and see several homes in the same neighborhood all at the same time and that’s what you want.

#3) Online Marketing.

Make sure to advertise on Zillow, Trulia and post ads on Craigslist every day leading up to the open house.  You can also spend $10-$20 advertising on Facebook.  We have seen our best results when we begin advertising three days before the open house within a one mile radius of your home.

#4) You Can Borrow Our Open House Signs.  

We have plenty of open house directional signs and would be glad to share them with you before the open house and we can come by afterwards to pick them up.  Make sure you put a balloon, the address and time of the open house on the sign and get them out at least 2 hours before you start.  If your going to put them out even earlier make sure someone is home to let buyers in before the open house, you will get a few people that will see the signs and want to come in early.

#5) Drop off flyer in high traffic areas around your home.

You can create a flyer for free on and distribute it in high traffic areas near your home a few days before the open house.  Make sure to not go more than a few blocks away from your property, no more than walking distance.  Laundromats, banks, grocery stores, hair salons are great locations, just ask politely and many businesses will let you leave 2 or 3 flyers before the open house.

#6) Bulletin Boards.

While you are out distributing your flyers think of all the places that have bulletin boards and ask them if you can keep your flyer there for the week.  Make sure your call to action is clear and in large text it should be very easy for people to call or text you.

#7) Sign-in Sheet at Open House.

At the open house you want to have everyone sign in and then you want to text and call everyone back thanking them for dropping by and asking them if they have any interest in making an offer on the home.  Contact us if you would like us to share our sign in sheet with you.

#8)  Food and drinks.  

Make sure you have food and drinks for your open house guests, you do not have invest a lot of money.   Most of the time, small bottled waters and some type of desserts like cupcakes or cookies work great.

#9) Stand out side and waive.  

This is one of my very best tips because it is very effective!  We have gotten plenty of people that were slowly driving by trying to peek inside the house to pull over and get out and come in.  

#10) Work in Pairs.

If you did a good job promoting the open house you can get 25 or more people walking through, so having additional help is important, you don’t want to be controlling but you do want to keep everyone in a group as you walk them through the home, so having an extra person there is very helpful.

Bonus tip #11)

Make sure you stage the home the morning of the open house, go through and make your home look the best possible.  Have some light jazz music playing during the open house.  

Our professional home stager says to think of showing your home like you sending your home on a first date, you want it to look it's best.

Stage to impress!

Ok that’s it and if you have any specific question about open houses, marketing in general, pricing your home or staging your home, or anything else you can always reach out to us.  We are here to be as helpful as can be.

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